“The most compassionate, truthful, and dignified account of disgrace of Guantanamo that you are ever likely to read.”

John le Carré

“A film so painful and unbearably realistic that we wish constantly for relief, but there is none beyond the human endurance of its subject. But if we are ever to understand the things we are doing to the world in the name of human freedom, we have no right to look away.”

John le Carré

“I thank God that Murat kept his sanity in the hell of injustice and torture of nearly five years in Guantanamo so he could tell his story. I am sure Murat’s book will educate a whole generation about justice and the defence of human rights.”

Vanessa Redgrave

“Like many of the men imprisoned in Guantanamo, Murat Kurnaz was held for years without proper charge or trial. After intensive campaigning by his friends, family and Amnesty International members all over the world, he was finally released. This book is a profound and detailed account of his experiences. After suffering torture ad detention without trial, it is testament to great strength of character that he is able to tell his story with such power and clarity.”

Kate Allen, Director, Amnesty International, UK

“Murat makes the horrors and inanities of Guantanamo so real; his voice is by turns young and headstrong, wry and wise. Murat’s mother came to the United States to hear our first Guantanamo case argued before Supreme Court back in 2004 – when I met her, I didn’t know whether she would ever see her son again. Now he is home safe and has produced this riveting and moving account of his torture and abuse at the hands of the U.S. government to shine a light in a dark place and try to help all those still languishing without hope. This is a must read.”

Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights
and attorney representing the Guantanamo detainees

“Kurnaz … avoids sensationalism for a harrowing record of barbarities carried out in the name of democracy … [written] in stark, unadorned prosem with no scores to settle, knowing that his account is beyond most people’s imagination. Kurnaz reveals Guantanamo shorn of media spin.”

The Guardian

"[Kurnaz] is the same age as my son, Jackson. When I read the story, I realized how I would feel as a mother if my son had been taken away at the age of 20, put into chains, without any hope of leaving, without any direct charge."

Patti Smith